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Archer Gas Log Fires

Archer Gas Log Fire Heaters, we are a preferred stockist

Archer gas log fires will bring a warm, welcoming ambience to your home. We offer the Archer gas log fires, space heaters and fireplace range, the world’s most efficient models that will not only leave your home comfortable and warm, but also leave more savings in your bank account.


Why choose archer gas log fires and space heaters

Aurora Climate Systems are proud to offer Archer gas fires, space heaters and fireplaces at incredibly competitive prices, but we understand that our customers might still ask what sets them apart from alternatives in the industry.

Firstly, they are incredibly efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly. With a 5.4-5.9 energy star performance rating thanks to patented triple heat exchanger technology, 92% + heat is extracted from incoming gas and distributed into your home, wasting next to nothing.

Our range includes all free standing, bay window, insert, and flat front models, and gives you many benefits over traditional wood fireplaces, such as reduced clean up, fast reception of heat, and no need for cutting and storing firewood.

Lastly, as both a beautifully aesthetic and incredibly capable addition to any space, it will surely add to the resale value of your home. When new investors or families walk around inspections, they will be instantly captivated by the enhanced mood and ambiance of a room, and be willing to pay enough to offset the initial investment.

Archer - Free Standing Heaters - Gas Log Fire

Archer Free Standing Heaters

Sale price $5,542.00 Save $450
Archer Gas Log Fires - Classic Inbuilts - Gas Log Fire

Archer Gas Log Fires Classic Inbuilts

Sale price $5,599.00 Save $461
Archer Log Fire- Wide Format Inbuilts - Gas Log Fire

Archer Landscape Heaters

Sale price $7,100.00 Save $578


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