Clean Air Medium Console

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The Medium Console is generously designed for the average home of up to 300m² and uses the advanced Clean Air firebox design for outstanding performance and durability. The firebox’s Heat Exchange Activation Tubes and the three-speed double barrel fan, enhances natural convection and is the signature of ALL Clean Air Wood Heaters.


Heating Type Freestanding - Wood Heater
Heating Capacity Output - 11.4kW
Heating Style - Convection
Width (mm) - 759mm
Firebox Warranty - 15 Years
Overnight Burn Time - Up to 9 hours
Warranty Other - 12 Months
Recommended Flue Kit - Maxiheat Default Decromesh Flue Kit
Fan - Includes 3 Speed Remote Fan
Rear Of Heater To Flue Centre - (mm) 231mm
Flue Diameter - 6 Inch
Rear Wall Clearance - 100mm
Hearth Clearance - 350mm
Corner Clearance - 200mm
Side Wall Clearance - 550mm
Firebox Material - Skamolex
Depth (mm) - 615mm
Height (mm) - 865mm
Area Size - Indoor Medium
Fuel - Hardwood



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