Full Plate BBQ

Full Plate BBQ

Full-plate Barbecues are the Perfect Item for a Large Get-together

Our full-plate Barbecues are just the thing for people with a large family or those who like to entertain a crowd of hungry guests regularly. You can buy these gas barbecues from our barbecue store in Perth or order them online. 

Full-plate barbecues offer you plenty of room to grill multiple cuts of meat, fish and chicken or long skewers of vegetables. Now you no longer have to wonder how you are going to cook all the food to feed your army of friends within a reasonable amount of time. Buy a full-plate barbecue and you’ll have all the room you need.

Gasmate - CATERER 4B BBQ - Dotmall Barbecues and Heaters

Gasmate - CATERER 4B BBQ

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Gasmate - CATERER 6B BBQ - Dotmall Barbecues and Heaters

Gasmate - CATERER 6B BBQ

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