Ted's Dry Meat Rub Original

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Ted's Dry Meat Rub - Original 100g

Perfect for Low and Slow Cooking

Australian made, American roots, Free delivery*

Perfect for both 'Low and Slow' and 'Hot and Fast'

Ted's Original Dry Meat Rub provides a touch of coffee, southern American flavors and a dash of Mexican influence. It has a little bite, but you'll thank us.

Containing coffee, brown sugar, cumin, clove, onion, garlic, paprika, chilli, cayenne, black pepper and salt, this provides a touch of Mexico and the southern USA.  

You will be pleased with the bark and the bite.

Rub this on to beef, pork or chicken for a great flavour. 
Cook the meat to liking, whether it be brisket, ribs, chops, steak, burgers, shoulder, leg or loin. A little goes a long way

*Free Delivery

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