Honeybrix Charcoal

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All Natural - No artificial additives 100% Natural

Made completely from sawdust with no artificial chemicals, additives or bonding agents. Our sawdust is bonded using state-of-the-art high pressure compression technology to form a dense high quality briquette. Honeybrix is odour-free and 100% natural.

Burns Cleanly - Low Ash Production No Smoke No Spark

With no additives, chemicals or bonding agents (such as starch), Honeybrix burns cleanly, giving off no smoke and low ash. The highly compressed briquettes holds together tightly to eliminate sparks.

High Heat Intensity - High Heat Density

Honeybrix burns longer and hotter than any other charcoal used for BBQ. Our secret is that we use only hardwood sawdust in our briquettes. Hardwood sawdust burns at higher temperature than most fuels.

Long Burning - Burn Time

Honeybrix briquettes burn reliably for up to 5 hours, reducing the need for frequent changing. In contrast, palm kernel charcoal lasts only for 1 hour and other normal types of charcoal typcially do not last beyond 2 hours. Morever Honeybrix briquettes gives consistent heat emission for a sustained period. This translates into lower fuel costs with less hassle.


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