BeefEater SIGNATURE 3000S FLAME FAILURE 4 BNR B/I | Dotmall Barbecues and Heaters


  • $2,379.00
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DIMENSIONS  - 816w x 570d x 525h (mm)


  • Integrated Convection Roasting Hood
  • Durable Rust Resistant Cast Iron Cooktop
  • Integrated Quartz Start Ignition
  • Vaporizer Grid & Reflector System With Anti-Flare Technology
  • Large removable warming rack


What is flame failure?

Flame failure is a safety device which is fitted to a gas appliance to prevent the build-up of large amounts of unignited gas. When gas is allowed to build up in a closed cavity such as in a barbecue and does not have the opportunity to escape, it becomes dangerous if it ignites. The flame failure device works by shutting off the gas supply automatically if the flame goes out.

Do I need a barbecue with flame failure?

Having a barbecue with a flame failure device in an open area is optional, However If you are in an area more than 50% enclosed, it becomes a legal requirement. There is also 4 other safety laws you need to adhere by if your area is classed as enclosed.

  1. The barbecue needs to receive second tier approval (relicensing) for indoor use.
  2. The barbecue needs to be installed on a non-combustible surface.
  3. The barbecue must be installed under a commercial grade range hood meeting Australian standards.

What is second tier approval?

Second tier approval is when an independent gas inspector (approved by the Western Australian Office of Energy) individually tests and adjusts every flame failure barbecue.

The inspector then places an approval badge on the barbecue and supplies certification so that your barbecue can be legally installed.

How much does it cost?

For conversion of your barbecue to natural gas and coordinating second tier approval we charge $600. We keep this price as low as possible so this charge is non-negotiable.



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