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Choose a BBQ Rub from some of Australia's best.

Hand Picked by our Pitmasters

Sourced from The U.S.A and Australia

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Beef BBQ Rubs

These delicous rubs will help make your next barbecue a moooving experience.

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Pork BBQ Rubs

Your pig will be squealing with joy after you start using these rubs. Rubs so good Miss Piggy turned cannibal.

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Lamb BBQ Rubs

Give your lamb a good time with one of these awesome rubs. Your friends won't think you're baaad.

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Chicken BBQ Rubs

Every chicken deserves a good rub. Each rub here is clucking good.

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Seafood BBQ Rubs

There is nothing fishy about these tasty rubs. Start using them and you will be swimming in accolades from friends.

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Vegetable BBQ Rubs

Yummo Vegetable BBQ Rubs will bring any flacid vegetable alive with taste.

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BBQ Fuels and Smoking Woods

Great barbecue needs great fuel and our Charcoal and Wood Pellets are superior.

Australian and American Wood Chunks, Chips, and Saw Dust will help you achieve smoky Barbecue Perfection 

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Our mission

We want you to have access to the greatest range of barbecue rubs in Australia.

We make it easy for you to choose your perfect rub by making easy to see food suggestions.

We are always trialing BBQ rubs, sauces, and searching for perfect barbecue accessories so that you will always have a happy ending



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