Heatlie 850 Powder Coated Claret | MOBILE Flat Plate BBQ with lid

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Heatlie BBQs are the toughest barbeques in the world.

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Originally designed for professional chefs, the full range of Heatlie BBQs are now available for you to enjoy at home. Available in 3 sizes and a choice of stainless steel or powder coated finish, you're bound to find a Heatlie BBQ which looks fantastic in your outdoor kitchen or backyard. All Heatlie barbeques feature our unique burner system which uses precision machined burners to produce a more even heat than other barbecues.

All Heatlie BBQs feature automatic Dual Piezo ignition and removable legs. Heatlie BBQs can be made to suit Natural or LP gas. Available in three sizes; 700mm, 850mm and 1150mm (the size indicates the length of the hotplate.)

The Powder Coated finish is available in Claret and Black.


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