BBQ Smokers and Pellet Grills

Easily cook Traditional BBQ with a Pellet Grill or BBQ Smoker from Dotmall Perth

Cook real barbecue. Pellet grills and barbecue smokers give the best flavour to your food. Traditional barbecue food is cooked over wood or charcoal. With our great range of BBQ smokers, you will find the best barbecue for you.

Pellet smoker or Pellet grills

Wood pellet grills, also known as a pellet smoker are good for everyone. A pellet grill uses timber that has been turned into sawdust and then compressed into pellets. Wood pellets are a uniform size so you can easily control the barbecue temperature. With a pellet grill you can cook ‘hot and fast’ or ‘low and slow’.

Because you do not have to worry about controlling your fire you can concentrate on cooking great barbecue food. More and more barbecue and food lovers are switching to pellet grills because they are easy to use and give good food.

Off-Set Smoker

An off-set smoker is a traditional BBQ smoker. With an offset you spend time with your fire and totally immerse yourself in the process of cooking great barbecue food and smoked meats. An off-set smoker is great for barbecue purists and hobbyists. Offsets are also known as stick burners, they use timber or charcoal as fuel.

Good quality off-set smokers are made from a heavier steel that gives a good thermal mass. Thermal mass is important because it means you are better able to maintain cooking temperature and not have the highs and lows that you get from cheaper, hardware store, smokers.

Avoid buying a low quality off-set smoker as they tend to be made from thinner metal and are not able to seal well. A low quality off-set smoker will not hold its temperature and is much more work than a good quality smoker that is only a few hundred dollars more.

Gas and Electric Smokers

Cabinet smokers are gas or electric smokers. They take up a much smaller space and are usually lower priced than a more traditional smoker. A gas smoker uses gas as a fuel and, unsurprisingly, an electric smoker uses electricity as a fuel. They both use wood chips, wood chunks, or wood pellets to give you traditional BBQ flavour.

Come and talk to the friendly staff at Dotmall and we will help you find the right BBQ smoker for you.  

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